Tips are random tips that are displayed at the top of the game at a random interval while training or in a mission... Here is a collection of all of them.

Note: In Progress

Game and account settings can be found under the cog wheel.
Heroes enjoy mail as well! Write a letter!
In the special missions you will experience great adventures and fight a number of missions.
Missiles increase your damage but get used up with every attack.
One hero is not enough! The stregth of every hero is needed to win against a villain.
Skill boosters improve your basic skill for a certain amount of time!
Strike the most attacks against a villain and secure yourself a seldom epic item.
The last fie players of your team can dash shot melons in team fights to wreck extra damage!
When your mission energy runs low you can buy more 4 times a day.
You can return to previous game zones an missions any time.

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